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Why choose our Vegan Leather?

It's Sustainable.

 When you purchase vegan leather products, you are choosing an  eco-friendly and sustainable alternative that is bio-degradable.

Our products are made with real organic teak leaves and bark, using pure, eco-friendly methods. They are made by local artisans with passion and care for the environment.  The production of our vegan leather is beneficial to you, your surroundings, and everyone around you. Materials for the manufacturing of our vegan leather are byproducts from the teak wood industry, saving both space and environment.

Additionally our vegan leather products are extremely durable and biodegradable. When you're done with it you can just throw it out and it will surely give nutrients for the next bio-products.

It's Innovative.

 Vegan leather fashion is up and coming, with new possibilities in innovating new production methods and finding alternative materials. While also opening up new possibilities for natural designs. Giving one of a kind details with each and every  vegan leather products. Signifying nature's changing and unique personality.

 The world is home to millions of types of trees with leaves of unique textures, shapes, sizes and colors.  Each has different aging properties, combined all that with innovative production methods and conditioning it can give the most unique designs to natural fashion. Bringing the beauty of nature's ever-changing way into fashion, in a sustainable and ecologically friendly way.

With each type of tree and their leaves there are millions of properties, varying in design and physics, not only does it depend on the type of species but with each different cultivating methods the properties of the same type of leaves can vary. Given new opportunities in biological research, increasing the chance of finding new eco-friendly bio materials as well as medicine, and nutrition.

It's Stylish

It's unique, it's stylish and it's trendy in today's movement to an environmentally clean and cruelty free world. Vegan leather fashion supports this movement in a uniquely subtle way. Like a having a purse made of leaves around you to remind you why you bought it with a modern and vibrant feel.

Why not be the good kind of trendy if you wanna be trendy? How? By supporting a better future while looking aesthetically damn fine thats how. With potentially hundreds of plant-based products to choose from, the future of the slow fashion movement can bring your everyday favorite style or even your new taste to an accessible global availability but at a much  bargain. To you, your purse and your lifestyle.

Start now by trying one of our vegans leather products. If not for you, then buy one for your friends or family see how they like it.

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