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Eco-cotton, locally sourced, fabulously designed

Our fabrics are ethically and sustainably sourced from Chiang Mai. Our first collection is with cotton. For our coming collections we will exclusively use only natural fibers, such as cotton, linen, silk, and hemp, which require fewer resources to produce, create less pollution, and decompose back into the earth much more quickly than synthetic fibers like polyester and nylon. We hope to work towards using certified fabrics  with every collection.

Our first “Weightless Eco Collection” uses some handloom fabrics: spun and woven by hand locally, they utilize an age-old process that preserves traditional crafts and creates well-paying jobs in rural areas. As a result, the fabric is unique, soft and beautiful. 

Weightless Eco Collection uses some handloom fabrics: spun and woven by hand

Our eco-white pieces use no dyes and have a minimal impact on the environment. Artistically it symbolizes our wish to remind urban woman to have simple mind and clutter free lives.

For our coloured ranges we use a combination of factory-dyed and hand-dyed fabrics in each collection. Our hand-dyed cotton fabrics are dyed using fiber-reactive dyes. They are designated as low impact due to their non-toxic ingredients and small water requirements.

We chose Chiang Mai to supply the eco cotton materials. The slower approach to life, the calmness and respect for the land is what inspires us. We hope to create our collections to share with urban, socially-conscious women. Men and women in the past here wore white, hand-woven, cotton robes. They cultivated patience and respect towards the natural environment. From such a cultural lineage, this slower, patient approach can be felt, not only in the temples, but in all walks of life: laboratory researchers, factory workers, and cotton farmers.

It is our sincere hope this attitude toward life is woven into each cotton thread in the cloth you wear. To remind us all that our mind should remain soft, calm and pure. Put it on, sit and move comfortably knowing that you are safe and your integrity is authentic.

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