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Eco leather inspired by Lanna culture

Eco-Smart material: Vegan Leather

We are proud to present to you our eco-leather bags. Unlike the other vegan leather on the market which derives from petroleum, our bags are 100% biodegradable!

Very often innovation comes from observing how people coexist with nature. And here in Northern Thailand there’s no shortage of such wisdom. The material we use for our eco bag is revolutionary. 

Watch our video: 

Eco Vegan Leather made of Leaves! from Elpis Studio on Vimeo.

Tong Tung (teak) is a perennial plant in Northern Thailand. The leaves are known for their toughness and durability. Thais used them as roofing materials that would last up to 5 years!  

Elpis is committed to minimizing the negative impact the mainstream fashion industry has on our planet. We believe in slow fashion, sourcing local materials, and transparent supply chains.

The leaf material we use in our collection comes from an age-old knowledge of its property, and the locals adapted the usage to keep up with the modern time. 

And in purchasing from us we will continue to support the local community in aiding them to further establish this wonderful new eco material. We aim to provide continuous design support and feedback for our supplier. We value the people involved at every stage of the production process.  

Please support us in caring for the cleanliness of our environment as well as our mind. Buy fewer and better.


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