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Chiang Mai’s Sustainable Design Innovation

Chiang Mai is an up-and-coming place of innovation. Unlike Silicon Valley where many giant techs got their start, Chiang Mai has a different kind of innovation. Craftspeople, students, and creative entrepreneurs  gather in Chiang Mai to create a new and sustainable way of living. Instead making financial gain their only incentives,  these people often come together to create products and services that are refreshingly different from other parts of the world.

Chiang Mai design week is one of many yearly activities that the city hosts to  celebrate the power of creative thinking and design. The attendees come from all over Asia and around the world to learn from the local crafts and their sustainable business concepts. Many of these businesses have a grassroots beginning. Many of them started as a way to improve social economic sustainability.

So we are here to bring you the best this place has to offer in our Eco ranges of products. They are good for your mind, body and our environment. 

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