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Can’t resist buying Fast Fashion? Some tips for you.

We know that Fast Fashion and Fast food isn’t good for us or our world, but some of us do not know how to make the switch.

Here are some tips to help you stop being addicted to mass-media and mass production.

Anti-Brainwashing Fashion

1.Feeding your vanity doesn’t give you long lasting happiness

Just like junk food without real nutrition, buying a garment that is not made with care and love from birth to finish will result in an “incomplete” sensation or emotion.

According to modern neurology, our awareness is in every cell of our body.

So we believe if you wear ethically sourced, organic garments, you’d have a more complete sensation of wellness and beauty beyond what the eyes can detect. We want people to experience true love that is wholesome. 

Let’s admire ourselves and build a lasting, sustainable connection to the world around us.

2. If you are addicted to buying clothes for quick fixes and feeling guilty

Our subconscious doesn’t know the difference between reality and TV images, It is easy to be brain washed and then it auto-plays and we make impulsive buying decisions. Mindfulness training will help you clear your mind and hear your own inner voice.

The benefit? You’d feel much more creative and confident!

We don’t blame you for feeling confused or brain-washed by media. After all we live in a world of contradictions. As designers for a long time we weren’t sure if buying H&M was really that evil or not.

Who doesn’t want to be accepted, belong, loved, and admired?

And if fast fashion serves these dreams for cheap, and brainwashes us that we’ll get real friendship and love? No wonder they can succeed in the market.

But we all know how that doesn’t last. At the end of the day only true love for ourselves and our world will grant us true happiness.

Akasha Yoga Academy

3. Build awareness to fight being mindless in our consumption

If you are not already into meditation or yoga, we suggest that you do. It is a great way to really find our own inner voice. Our Harem pants are so comfy for both! Click here to check them out. 

Your body and mind is connected, so if you fix one, you’ll affect the other. There are lots of meditation and yoga centers all over Thailand. Just google it for some results.

4. Travel and expand your awareness

If you really are too busy and can’t fight the noise the media has fed into our subconscious, then take a trip!

Travel to Mexico, Bangladesh, China, or Thailand. You can enjoy unspoiled nature at an affordable price, and get a glimpse of the way people in developing countries are living due to industrialization.

If you fall in love with the nature or people in another country, you’ll see their welfare truly connected to yours. Then you wouldn’t want the rivers running red with poisonous dyes, or women being forced to work far away from home in huge factories in terrible conditions just to feed their children.


Thai culture is greatly influenced by Buddhism. Mindfulness and compassion can be trained. It will take small steps of good deeds to transform yourself.

We don’t want to guilt-trip people into buying our items, but is is true we have very slow sales, as well as much lower margins compared to selling mass-produced clothing items. We as a brand do not wish to attack fast fashion store. After all, they are trying to serve the surface demand of our emotional needs. However everyone has many levels, and our inner core all wants true peace, real love, for ourselves and things around us.

So please, give us a chance, we await your responses with anticipation.

Support us now, we plant a tree with each purchase.

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